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Off the Cuff for Pets

My girls look good, but this isn't easy. I am doing a series on grooming but if you also like to have your furry babies dress the part. There are several designers I recommend. Off the Cuff for Pets is one of the best, out there. Julie has work endless hours to make the perfect outfit for my girls. She has made Bozy the talk of the town. I also couldn't live without one of her fabulous slings to carry them around it.

Julie Lancaster has been a professional seamstress for nearly 40 years. Her field of expertise was designed wedding dresses to Mardi gra costumes though the 1980's until life took a different turn and she moved to the Virgin islands to raise her children.

In 1993 she moved back to the United States to Richmond VA and worked as an executive secretary until 1998. Art has always been a major part of her life such as oils and watercolors and in early 1999 she started her own business as a muralist, company name: Decofx. She has taken numberous classes and syminars in art to make this a very successful career. No job was too big for her because she has always felt the challenge is the key to success and growth.

In 2011 with the passing of her only sister, Julie decided to change her path in life and launched a new business by going back to her roots of clothing design but this time, instead of the two legged creatures she would focus on the four legged one.. after all she had 8 wonderful fur babies as she refers to them.