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Why Our Puppies?








All puppies are raised in our home. They are part of our family and have human contact from the first moment they are born. They live in our home as part of the family. Puppies spoiled and loved from the second they are conceived and everything is done for our moms and puppies to ensure they are born healthy and happy.


Mothers are monitored by a Veterinarian through their pregnancy. X-rays are done to ensure the puppy’s development before whelping.


During the whelping (birthing) process we are hands on:


I setup a whelping room for our girls. It is warmed so the puppies enter this world in a warm loving environment.


We have a humidifier running to ensure there is enough moisture in the air for these little ones and that mother doesn’t feel the dry heat during this difficult time.


Lavender oil is burning to fill the room. Lavender is used for restlessness, nervousness and many use it for painful conditions, it is known to help with migraine headaches, nerve pain, join pain and spasm. So this is a great herbal therapy for our girls.


Our girls are massaged during their labor to relieve some pain and to assure them that I am with them.


Some dogs are known to look for a place away from everyone and want to be alone. In my case, all my girls want me near. If I leave the room they follow and will not leave my side. For this reason, I have someone on call to assist with any needed during the beautiful process, so I can stay by my girl's side


We monitor the mother and puppies for any problems. We have had many sleepless nights waiting for these gifts to arrive.


After these perfect little puppies arrive there is someone awake and with them for 24 hours or until they are able to see the Veterinarian to be check out and for mom to get a thumbs up.


The First Week: They see a Veterinarian again during this week to be check. Someone stays with them round the clock to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Mother Dogs will NOT leave their puppy during the first week, so we stay with them to ensure they get everything they need. Depending on size or size of the litter we would supplement during this time, as well.


Week 2 through Week 5: There is always someone in the home with them. If we need to we hire a sitter to sit with them. They are only socialized with our dogs and family to prevent many of those bad germs. People are allowed to see them but are not allowed to hold or pet mom or puppies.


Week 6: This is the blessed time that new mommies and daddies get to choose their new family member, after their first shot and check up. They start their piddle pad training. They are socialized with friends, family and new parents. We encourage when you pick your baby out to make lots of visits to bond with them. It makes the transition to your home easier.


Week 7 to 9 Weeks: They are loved, spoiled and given too many kisses. They get their 2nd shot. At this time we will decide when they will be able to go home. Usually between 10 to 12 weeks, but can be up to 16 weeks depending on the size and mental readiness. The parents are encouraged to visit and to go to the Veterinarian visit

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All puppies are raised in our home.  They are part of our family and have human contact from the first day. Our dogs are our children. We are not a puppy mill.  We only have a few litters a year.  Mother’s are monitored by a vet through their pregnancy and afterwards.  Puppies are check by vet the day after they are born. Our puppies are our children’s babies and WE (THE BREEDER) HAS THE RIGHT TO REFUSE THE SALE OF A PUPPY ANYTIME BEFORE IT IS PICKED UP OR SHIPPED AND A FULL REFUND RETURNED.


Pricing is for PET ONLY. Pricing will depend on size, color, lineage, sex and overall conformation and quality of puppy. To ensure our pet only contract, no registering paperwork will be given to a puppy who is sold as PET ONLY.  Registering paperwork will only be give to  approved breeders that have paid for breeding right, which can be as much as 3x the cost of our pet only pricing.  Not all puppies can be sold with breeding rights. 

Vaccines & Wormings





Puppies receive their first shots at 6 to 8 weeks of age and are wormed at 2,4,6,8, and 10 weeks. 

Most puppies are ready to go to their forever homes by 12 weeks of age.  Smaller pups may stay here until they are 16 weeks old. 


We worm for intestinal worms such as roundworms, hookworms, and whipworms along with preventative worming for Coccidia and Giardia.


Our Free Puppy Package






Bag of Puppy Food

Sample of treats

One or more toys

Mama scented blanket

Vaccination/Health Record

Registration paperwork if applicable

Contract with Health Guarantee

Lifetime support







We also start training for grooming.  Puppies get their nails clipped about every 2 weeks and by 6 weeks of age, they start learning how to enjoy brushing, combing and bathing. We will do a small sanitary clip, and eye trims but generally do not trim the rest of the hair prior to purchase.  We do clean the ears of hair, clip their nails, bathe and brush your puppy prior to pick up.


Interested ?


We require a $100.00 deposit non-refundable to be added to the waiting list for pick order (first comes, first pick), this fee will be deducted from the cost of the puppy. We require half the cost down for the deposit to hold. The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE.  UNLESS the puppy becomes ill or dies before it is picked up.  The puppy must be paid for in full one week before shipping or pick up date.  A puppy will not be shipped or allowed to leave until it is paid for in FULL by the accepted forms of payment.  (Cash, certified check, money order, Paypal (5% fee added) If puppy is not picked up by or within one week of pick up date, the puppy and deposit stays with the breeder.


Before our puppies leave our home they are started on potty training, have at least their 2nd shots, worming.  No puppies leave before the age of 10 weeks and sometime as late as 16 weeks depending on size.




A one year after sale “replacement warranty” is given for any life-threatening congenital disease that causes said puppy to expire.  Purchaser must provide written documentation from their vet after having a necropsy performed at the purchaser’s expense that the death was in fact caused from a genetic defect.  Purchaser agrees to send the notarized vet’s report and all medical records for this puppy to breeder’s vet.  Breeder’s vet must confirm and agree with the diagnosis.  Breeders will than give the purchaser a replacement puppy of equal value and the same gender, from the next available litter that produces such a puppy. Replacement warranty will be terminated if puppy was found to be abused, neglected or does not have up to date records of vaccinations and fecal records.  Under no circumstances will a puppy be euthanized even on the advice of your vet. Unless the puppy is in immediate distress without first consulting with the seller and any finding, x-rays, etc. sent to seller’s vet.  Putting a puppy down without consulting the seller/breeder will void the warranty.  We have found that there are many vets out there who are just not familiar with these tiny breeds and will advise putting a perfectly healthy puppy to sleep unnecessarily because of something they have never encountered before.  If seller’s vet agrees that the best option for the puppy is to put it down, a replacement puppy will be given per the terns of this contract.  There breeder is not responsible for vet bills or other expenses.


We cannot and do not provide a weight guarantee.  All we can do is estimate adult size judging by the pup’s weight at time of sale, size of parents and past litters. 

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