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Shih Tzu for sale Virginia beach
Shih Tzu for sale Virginia beach
Shih Tzu for sale Virginia beach

All puppies are raised in our home. They are part of our family and have human contact from the first moment they are born. They live in our home as part of the family. Puppies spoiled and loved from the second they are conceived and everything is done for our moms and puppies to ensure they are born healthy and happy.


Mothers are monitored by a Veterinarian through their pregnancy. X-rays are done to insure the puppy’s development before whelping.


During the whelping (birthing) process we are hands on:


I setup a whelping room for our girls. It is warmed so the puppies enter this world in a warm loving environment.


We have a humidifier running to ensure there is enough moisture in the air for these little ones and that mother doesn’t feel the dry heat during this difficult time.


Lavender oil is burning to fill the room. Lavender is used for restlessness, nervousness and many use it for painful conditions, it is known to help with migraine headaches, nerve pain, join pain and spasm. So this is a great herbal therapy for our girls.


Our girls are massaged during their labor to relieve some pain and to assure them that I am with them.


Some dogs are known to look for a place away from everyone and want to be alone. In my case all my girls want me near. If I leave the room that follow and will not leave my side. For this reason I have someone on call to assist with any needed during the beautiful process, so I can stay by my girls side


We monitor the mother and puppies for any problems. We have had many sleepless nights waiting for these gifts to arrive.


After these perfect little puppies arrive there is someone awake and with them for 24 hours or until they are able to see the Veterinarian to be check out and for mom to get a thumbs up.


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All puppies are Top Quality.


All ourpuppies are monitored by one of the best Veterinarians on the East Coast at Cooke Veterinary Medical Center

We spare no expense to keep our Mothers health and our puppies growing healthy.


Our puppies are not craigslist puppies and are NOT PRICE as such.

Our prices range from 2200.00 to 5000.00 depending on size, color, sex and pedigree.


Occasionally we have puppies below 1200.00  These puppies are from my line but are not fully, for example a puppy from a stud service.  These are healthy, beautiful puppies but I don't have the expense into them so I can sell them at a discounted rate.  Those puppies are usually sold fast and not posted on my site.  Call to ask availability. 


You can never say you love a breed if you're not willing to save it!! 



We are proud of all out parents.  They have achieved Canine Good Citizen and Community Canine through AKC

We provide puppies through out the
United States.

We can hand deliver or ship with a flight nanny for a extra fee. 

Please contact me at: for more information 



When Only  Royalty Will Do!! 

Shih Tzu for Sale  in Chesapeake, Virginia

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